The Lotus Notes Command Line Mail Client Tool Notes_Mail - C++ Distribution

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Lotus Notes Command Line Mail Client Tool 1.0 from
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  • Native Implementation using C++: Advantage: High security with native Notes Client support.
  • Windows service which sends and receives mails: Advantage High performance with a preloaded and waiting Notes-Client
  • Powerful command line with attachment, title and body support: Advantage: Mail-Messages with rich content
  • Sends and receives attachments: Advantage: Attach your Word-, Excel-, Powerpoint-documents.
  • Optional password support (only available on request via contact-form): For Enterprise-Usage with high security requirements.
  • CGI-Support: Advantage: Might be enabled optionally: Gives a good web-based overview what the Notes_Mail windows services does.
Please read to the attached Copyright to check the permission to use this software.
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