One of my favorite sweets are the chocolate + nut sticks (Schoko-Nuss-Stangerl). I've produced at least 100 times this kind of pastry. The recipe is from a cookbook of "Dr. Oetker" that I got as a gift from the salesperson because I bought again and again 1 kg custard-powder.

The essential part of the recipe is that you have the put into the pastry large chocolate chips and crushed nuts. The result is a juicy cake with a strong chocolate and nut taste.

In my family this became a hit and I remember one story: After a while it was again time for: Chocolate + Nut Sticks. So I cooked them and as always finally I put them out of the oven and into the larder to become cold. When I came back half an hour later to put the sticks on dish I recognized that no single stick was remaining. There was just the empty baking tray. I researched and found out that all my family members ate the tasty chocolate + nut sticks and even forgot to leave some of them for me. Wink


Dr. Oetker Backen macht Freude 1. Rezepte Nr. 1-93, Eigenverlag, 1970




Dr. Oetker,
Backen macht Freude Rezepte 1-93,
Eigenverlag, 1970






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