Read the VESA and EDID structure of monitors for Unicenter Asset Management (UAM / AMO)

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**** Perform additional AMO inventory: Attached VESA complient monitors *****
INSTALLING Find the instructions for the monitor-vesa-edid-inventory tool in the file doc\index.htm .
MAIN FEATURES - Generate a list of monitors used on a workstation - The last attached monitor is listed first. - The module generates up to 14 attributes per monitor - Attributes: - Firsttime: The first time a monitor was attached to a computer - EDIDcheck: The result of the consistency check on the EDID - EDIDversion: The EDID version - EDIDrevision: The EDID revision - ManuWeek: The week the monitor was manufactured - ManuYear: The year the monitor was manufactured - VendorName: The vendor name abbreviated in 3 letters - ModelName: The model name of the monitor - HorizSync: The horizonal frequency range of the monitor - VertRefr: The vertical refresh range of the monitor - DPMSactiveOff: DPMS active off capability - DPMSsuspend: DPMS suspend capability - DPMSstandby: DPMS standby capability - SerialNumber: The serial number of the monitor
REQUIREMENTS - Windows 2000 or higher

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