When I was a 8 years old boy I had a dream to become a chef or more precise a baker by trade or even more precise a pastry chef. Therefore I decided to attend in my ground school as single boy the cookery school which was an optional part for boys. And for years no boy ever attended the cookery school. But I was quite convinced of my dream and so I started becoming educated in cookery. 

I like to cook because it is a handcraft where one can make things right or badly wrong. I remember the time when I was often a guest at our neighbor house and the housewife cooked custard. She heated milk but always forgot to stir the milk. It scorched so that on the bottom of the top a brown facing stated to build up. After a while she recognized that something went wrong and she tried to correct her mistake by now stirring intensively and hardly pressing the wooden spoon on the bottom of the pot so that some of the brown facing was removed into the custard. The taste of it was so bad that I told myself: I can do it better. At home I started to cook my own custard and I had always my younger sister who was always invited to help me to eat my "products". Fortunately the house of my parents was regularly visited by a salesperson of "Dr. Oetker". As I was often alone at home I had the freedom to listen carefully what products "Dr. Oetker" can offer. I was quite surprised that there were even for each flavor of custard further different kinds: "Flana" (more liquid), "Normal", "Compact" type of custard. I always bought at least one type of custard from the salesperson. The only problem was that the smallest package for custard-powder was 1 kg. Tongue out A year after I had my own bin full of all different types and tasts of custard-powder Cool

You can now imagine how often I cooked custard for my younger sister and what she answers if you ask her: "Do you like custard?"